Greg Ryan for Ramsey County Commissioner

Greg Ryan for Ramsey County Commissioner

These are challenging times and our government, though big, is not offering workable solutions to the problems Ramsey County faces. In spite of our economy’s success over the past few years, many of our fellow citizens have been left behind. 

I believe Ramsey County should focus it’s attention and resources on what it can do well. There is too much duplication of services, inefficiencies and competing bureaucracies. Private businesses must reevaluate their processes as technology and society grows. Economic competition forces them to do better. Government however does not have to compete and therefore grows complacent, inflexible and larger. It’s our government and it should be accountable to us.

We need to do better, We can do better

As the growing homelessness and civil disorder shows, government has to change. It’s time to think differently on how government spends our tax dollars and how Ramsey County delivers services. County programs should be evaluated and measured so we can find what is effective and what is not. 

I believe as a Ramsey County Commissioner I can lead our county to be more effective, offer genuine compassion to people who need help and make Ramsey County a better place to live and do business.  

I hope to bring reason and leadership to the Ramsey County Commissioner.  I humbly ask you to  vote for Greg Ryan as Ramsey County Commissioner in the Minnesota Primary August 11th. 

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