My Story

Greg RyanIn 1984 my life changed. My father was murdered during a robbery at our plumbing store. I was a fairly typical 24-year-old learning the trade of the family business. The next day I was in charge of our family business. For the first time in my life everything became too real. I had to grow up overnight, I had to overcome the loss of my father and learn to wear his shoes. I still remember that struggle, and how it made me feel. My father had prepared me well for the role. The business stayed successful and I embraced my new role.

Since then, I have looked forward to the challenge of running a business and being a part of the community. I am rewarded daily by what I do. I have learned that to be successful, you need to listen and genuinely care about other people. You need to be willing to walk in their shoes to really make a difference.

Today, too many Minnesotans are struggling in their jobs and their careers. We need to do something about it. The politicians in Washington have forgotten their pledge and their duty to the community.

Too often, the whispers of big business and PACs have drawn them away from their causes. Someone needs to remind them that they need to care about those they represent… that my community, my friends and my family matter.

In school, I learned that the House of Representatives was “the People’s House.” That’s where successful, ordinary people from all walks of life gathered to give the benefit of their life experience back to the country. But now, Washington has become the home of elitists who do not value the knowledge learned at the “school of hard knocks.”

I am Greg Ryan and I have decided that it is my duty as a member of my community to try to make a difference. I have put my name in the running for Congress. I will represent my community, my friends and my family. I believe that changes need to be made in Washington and I can help.

My father is my hero. All I’ve ever wanted to be is a man my father would be proud of and live up to the ideals he taught me. I decided to make a choice to help represent my community. Let me wear your shoes and walk the halls of the capitol and share your voice.

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Let’s Bring 34 Years of Value to Congress

What I’ve learned in 34 years of running a business. 34 years of experience seems like a lifetime. And for the last 34 years I’ve run a family business here in the CD4 district (although to me it’s just called home). You see, I live in the area, I work in the area, and I care about the area.
Keith Ellison Betty McCollum ad

Republicans, Will You Help Me Change Congress?

Don’t skip over this, we’re trying to help your district. Republican friends, will you help me change congress? My name is Greg Ryan and I’m running for U.S. Congress in Minnesota’s District 4 against 18 year DFL incumbent Betty McCollum. If you haven’t seen yet, I’m a small business owner who lives and works in the community, and that has impacted me greatly; I long to see many things improved in the 4th district, and you can see some of the ways I’ll bring my business values to congress here.