Over the past several months, Greg Ryan has thought about running for Congress. But instead of “talking at” people, he has been listening to people from all over Minnesota’s 4th District. He hears the same themes everywhere: “We are concerned about our future.”

  • Young people ask: “Will we have the same opportunities as our parents?”
  • Their parents ask: “Will hard and smart work pay off for our children and grandchildren like it has for us?”

Greg Ryan believes that the answer to these questions will be “‘yes.” But only if the government gets out of the way. Personal freedom, coupled with responsibility, has always been the recognized hallmark of the “all-American” family.

While she seems to mean well, our current Representative in Congress isn’t working for us anymore. Greg Ryan wants to represent you in Washington. He has spent a lifetime solving real problems. He is prepared to do the same in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Greg Ryan will Uphold the U.S. Constitution and will vote to…

  • Support the 2nd Amendment
  • Protect Our Borders
  • Protect Religious Liberty
  • Return Power to the States
  • Reform the Tax Code
  • Cut Federal Spending
  • Improve Healthcare
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare
  • Restore Jobs and Economic Growth
  • Help Our Veterans

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