Joe Soucheray Endorses Greg Ryan

Joe Soucheray of the Pioneer press endorsed Greg Ryan Friday. Greg, a long-time fan of Joe Soucheray’s ‘Garage Logic’ view of life was proud to see Joe’s endorsement in Friday’s paper. Greg Ryan, a 4th generation Saint Paul Native, is a local business owner that decided to take on lifetime career politician Betty McCollum.

Why take on Betty McCollum? Let Joe Soucheray tell it:

“I should have made it clear that I will vote if for no other reason than to cast a ballot for Greg Ryan running in the 4th Congressional district over lifer Betty McCollum.

Ryan, a plumber, has actually worked, met a payroll and experienced firsthand the burdensome regulatory intrusions that afflict so many small businesses in St. Paul. McCollum? You might recall that Ryan’s father was murdered in a high-profile robbery at the family’s business on University Avenue in 1984. Ryan was then 24 and took over the business. It was a joyful discovery talking with Ryan during his rounds at the State Fair that he is the type of American citizen we desperately need. He is unconcerned about having a lifetime government job and desperately concerned about life in America.”

Read the full Pioneer Press article here.