Let’s bring 34 Years of Value to Congress

What I’ve learned in 34 years of running a business

34 years of experience seems like a lifetime.
And for the last 34 years I’ve run a family business here in the CD4 district (although to me it’s just called home). You see, I live in the area, I work in the area, and I care about the area.

Unlike my opponent.

So as I reflect on my community, and what I’d like to see changed, I want to highlight some of the values I’ve learned from my “lifetime” working in CD4. These values are listed below.

Relationships are powerful.

In business, and life, relationships are the currency of power. You see, I’ve grown my family business by connecting with people and maintaining relationships for many, many years. However, it’s not just about growth, it’s about community. When you eat, sleep, and breath in the same vicinity as others, you understand. You understand the needs, the wants, the desires, and in many cases, the pain of those around you. It doesn’t make sense to work with someone who doesn’t understand your situation, does it?

My relationships are in CD4, Betty’s are in Washington.

Value doesn’t lie. In life, something is valuable or it’s not. This is something I’ve grown to understand over the last 34 years. Like any business, we exist because clients find our services valuable; and if those services were no longer valuable, we wouldn’t exist. If you’d like to hold your local government to the standards of value you’d hold your local plumber to, vote for me.

I have 34 years local business value, while Betty has 32 years of life in politics.

Fight or flight. Guess what, running as a Republican in CD4 is a difficult task. The Democrats have held the office for the last 70 years. However, I’ve never been someone to run from a challenge. You see, the reason I took over my family business is because my father was murdered, and that put me in a fight or flight mentality to keep the business – and my family – moving forward. After 34 years you can rest assured that I’m a fighter, and I will fight for you.

While my campaign will end, fighting for my values (and yours) won’t; it can’t.

So how does this relate to you?

If you’re looking for a new direction from someone who actually lives and works in your district, I’d be honored to receive your vote on November 6th (or before). I’m Greg Ryan, the little guy. Fighting for us, because I’m one of us.


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