Let’s Bring 34 Years of Value to Congress

What I’ve learned in 34 years of running a business.
34 years of experience seems like a lifetime.
And for the last 34 years I’ve run a family business here in the CD4 district (although to me it’s just called home). You see, I live in the area, I work in the area, and I care about the area.

Keith Ellison Betty McCollum ad

Republicans, Will You Help Me Change Congress?

Don’t skip over this, we’re trying to help your district.

Republican friends, will you help me change congress?

My name is Greg Ryan and I’m running for U.S. Congress in Minnesota’s District 4 against 18 year DFL incumbent Betty McCollum.

If you haven’t seen yet, I’m a small business owner who lives and works in the community, and that has impacted me greatly; I long to see many things improved in the 4th district, and you can see some of the ways I’ll bring my business values to congress here.

MPR CD4 Congressional Candidates Debate 2018

Nine-term DFL incumbent Betty McCollum and Republican-endorsed Greg Ryan debated live on air with MPR News political editor Mike Mulcahy.

Greg Ryan on the Campaign Trail

Greg Ryan on the Campaign Trail

Joe Soucheray Endorses Greg Ryan

Joe Soucheray of the Pioneer press endorsed Greg Ryan Friday. Greg, a long-time fan of Joe Soucheray’s ‘Garage Logic’ view of life was proud to see Joe’s endorsement in Friday’s paper. Greg Ryan, a 4th generation Saint Paul Native, is a local business owner that decided to take on lifetime career politician Betty McCollum. Why […]

Who’s Running Against Betty McCollum?

Hi I’m Greg Ryan, a common sense Republican. Let me assure you, I’m the right choice for this job. A self reliant, family loving, soldier  saluting, cop respecting, God fearing Irish Catholic who grew up a few  blocks from the housing projects in St. Paul in the 1960’s.  Like many  other boomers, I grew up with […]

Urban Blight

Road to Urban Despair Paved by Democrats

Great article in the Chicago Tribune by John Kass, here’s a quick excerpt: “What isn’t discussed enough when riots happen and neighborhoods burn is the one thing most common to all these decaying urban tinderboxes. They’re run by Democrats. Baltimore is a Democratic city, Milwaukee is a Democratic city, Chicago, Detroit, and on and on. This is […]


Greg Ryan

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