Don’t skip over this, we’re trying to help your district.

Republican friends, will you help me change congress?

My name is Greg Ryan and I’m running for U.S. Congress in Minnesota’s 4th District against 18 year DFL incumbent Betty McCollum.

If you haven’t seen yet, I’m a small business owner who lives and works in the community, and that has impacted me greatly; I long to see many things improved in the 4th district, and you can see some of the ways I’ll bring my business values to congress here.

However, here’s how we can change congress together.

Think about your reality.

What is your current reality? Are you content with your local government? The answer to that question is personal, and takes on many shapes for different people. However, and maybe unfortunately, people don’t think about their reality enough, and how their local elections can impact them. So, think about your reality a little more.

Choose something different.

For the last 70 years the DFL has controlled the 4th district, yet we haven’t changed anything. It’s time to change up the approach, and we’d like to do it from the inside; someone who’s on the inside of the community, not the inside of the current problem. Will you help me choose something different?

Maintain the Trump economy.

If you’re not happy with the local leadership, you might still be happy with the Trump economy nationally. In Minnesota’s 4th, I plan on maintaining the Trump economy so that businesses and their employees can continue to enjoy years of prosperity (financially, emotionally, and socially).

Keep your tax dollars.

Maintaining the Trump economy means putting the control back in your hands, which is why I’m asking you to keep your taxes. I believe that the people – you and me – are capable of growing, advancing, and ultimately thriving as a society without the stranglehold of the government (specifically the taxes they are taking from us). So, keep your tax dollars.

Bring inefficiencies to justice.

Let’s face the hard reality. For the last 70 years the DFL has held leadership positions in our own backyard, yet we haven’t changed anything. It’s time to challenge the inefficiencies that our counterparts like Betty McCollum have encouraged for way too long. It’s time to bring them to justice.

Vote for Greg Ryan (that’s me).

If any of the above items resonate with you, please be sure to vote for me, Greg Ryan. I promise to bring your reality something different that maintains the progress Trump’s economy has generated, keeping more money in your pockets and bringing the current liberal inefficiencies to justice.

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I’m a local business owner and I’ve seen enough waste and abuse from liberals like Betty McCollum, and I believe the time to change is now. It’s time to take back our local economy, and it starts with you voting.

Here’s to change that’s beneficial to our 4th district.