Who’s Running Against Betty McCollum?

greg-ryan-for-congress-familyHi I’m Greg Ryan, a common sense Republican. Let me assure you, I’m the right choice for this job. A self reliant, family loving, soldier  saluting, cop respecting, God fearing Irish Catholic who grew up a few  blocks from the housing projects in St. Paul in the 1960’s.  Like many  other boomers, I grew up with no cell phones, computers or video games  for entertainment. We had to settle for drive-in theaters, outdoor  hockey, downhill skiing, fishing with cane poles, muscle cars, long  hair, Harmon Killebrew, Carl Eller, Bill Goldsworthy, and the most  exciting music that ever came out of a radio. Oh, and we walked one mile  to school each day with no adults or reflective clothing. And by the  way…kids never wore helmets on their bicycles. Never even imagined it.

Ahh…the Kennedy era. So what can I do for my country? Besides being a  responsible parent and decent citizen, I can run for congress to ensure  that our security, freedom, and  pursuit of happiness & prosperity  are not taken away in the name of “equality” & “social justice.” To  help ensure that our constitution remains a unique masterpiece of  individual rights and freedom to all citizens. The desire of  progressives and liberals is to transform America into something…uh,  less American. Some things should never change no matter what. Someone  has to protect what we have against a formidable foe. Would we change  that smile on the Mona Lisa?  I don’t think so.  Would we change the lyrics to “Blowin’ In The Wind”  by Bob Dylan? No sir. Would we make  major league baseball a seven inning game? No thank you. Somethings  should never change.

The people of Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District deserve a common  sense guy who is watching the power structure in Minnesota and  Washington. They deserve passion. Being a business owner requires that  you go to work everyday and do your best or the competition will beat  you to the punch. We have a right to make as much money as we legally  can. It’s then our money. Really. Stop and think about that for a  while.  Government does not make money. They take money. We, the people  supply the oars. We the people do the rowing. To stop rowing would mean  no life support for others on the ship enjoying the ride. In our  personal lives, we use common sense each time we open our wallets. We  buy clothes and groceries when things are on sale. We negotiate with the  car dealer. We make repairs ourselves to save money. It’s human nature  to watch our money. We, the people from the private sector do the dirty  work and create the jobs. We, the people, provide the fuel for the limos  and private jets.  We, the people get laid off, lose our paychecks, or  risk going out of business if we don’t perform. Have you ever heard of  government having to keep up with their competitors?  Me either. Look  what happened to the U.S. Post office when suddenly competitors like UPS  and FedEx came in. Woops.

I’ve seen enough waste and abuse. We can do this. In school, I learned  that the House of Representatives was “the People’s House.” That’s where  successful, ordinary people from all walks of life gathered to give the  benefit of their life experience back to the country. But now,  Washington has become the home of elitists. The federal welfare program  in itself, entitled people to a life of dependence, a life where little  is expected of others And don’t sweat the rent…we have “programs” for  that. Liberals call this “compassion for the little guy.” Never mind the  price we pay, or the inherent abuse. “Move along folks..nothing to see  here.”

Well folks, call me crazy. I am here to ask for your support. It’s not  too late to right the ship. Rich and poor, black and white, young and  old, gay or straight can get on board.

Welcome to my world of smaller government, and bigger paycheck. I’m Greg  Ryan. The little guy. Please jump in and join me. Join us all in the  pursuit of happiness, freedom, and prosperity.

Thank You,
– Greg